Vice President Joe Biden had some choice words for Republicans and the Tea Party at a fundraiser for a powerful congressional Democrat on Friday. 

At the event for House Budget Committee Chairman John Spratt (S.C.), Biden questioned the "judgment" of the Tea Party and suggested the GOP is worse off than it was a generation ago. 

“Today’s Republican Party is not your father’s Republican Party,” he said, according to a pool report. “It’s the party of the Tea Party, some of whom I passed outside. I’m not questioning their integrity. I’m questioning their judgment.”

Biden has spoke forcefully on behalf of several House Democratic candidates this week, painting their elections as a stark choice between their GOP opponents and the Democratic agenda, instead of a simple referendum on the Obama administration. 

The vice president said the Democrats agenda is helping to get the struggling economy back on track, but said that they now need to take time to explain the meaning of sweeping new laws to voters. 

"Here’s the problem — we’ve been working so hard to get these major new building blocks laid down,” He said. “They are so big, so heavy, that the American people don’t understand what’s in it for them yet. Now that the hard lifting is done, we’re going to spend the next 90 days going out explaining to people exactly what it means to them."

Biden made similar comments about the heavy lifting being over at a stop in North Carolina Thursday night.