The Senate should come back from recess to approve $600 million in border security funds, an Arizona Democrat urged Tuesday.

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-Ariz.) said Senators should put their August recess plans on hold and fly back to the Capitol, as House members did, to pass the legislation.

“Representatives came back into session to consider important, time-sensitive legislation this week. Senators need to follow our lead, return to Washington and take fast action to help secure the border," Kirkpatrick said in a statement.

The Senate has already passed legislation that is identical in substance to the House legislation. But due to procedure, the Senate must vote one more time to approve the funds before it becomes law. 

The House was called back to session primarily to approve a $26 billion state-aid package, but leaders decided to tack on border funding to the agenda as well.

“The federal government has a long history of failing Arizona along the border, and it is time for them to stop letting us down and start getting the job done," Kirkpatrick said.