Forty-seven percent of adults favor lifting the current moratorium on deepwater oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, according the latest Gallup poll, while 46 percent believe it should remain in place.

The close divide holds on whether BP should be allowed to drill again, with 49 percent saying yes and 46 percent saying no.

The survey confirms that Americans react to oil drilling the way they do to other environmental issues, with a plurality of women (49 percent) favoring the ban on drilling and a majority of men (54 percent) favoring abolishing it.

The partisan gap was also strong, with 66 percent of Republicans saying they'd lift the ban, and 64 percent of Democrats saying they'd choose keep it. Independents tended to side with Democrats, with 48 percent in favor to 41 percent opposed to the ban. 

The poll was conducted Aug. 14 and 15, and has a margin of error of five points.