Americans increasingly disapprove of President Obama's work on education, even as they are enthusiastic about their own local public schools.

According to a Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup poll released Wednesday, public opinion of Obama's education work has dropped 11 points in the last year, with 45 percent giving him an "A or B" in 2009 compared with 34 percent now. 

At the same time, a record-high 77 percent of respondents said the school their oldest child attended was of "A or B" quality. When asked about their local schools as a whole, only 5 percent gave them a "D." Nearly half said they deserve an "A or B."

Asked to gauge American public schools in general, however, respondents' opinions proved less favorable: a majority gave the system a "C," while 20 percent gave it a "D." Only 18 percent awarded it with an "A or B."

"Clearly, support is starting to drift away from some of the administration's strategies for improving education," said William Bushaw, the poll's director, in a statement. "This year's poll shows that while Americans continue to value education and recognize its importance, they have serious concerns about the challenges facing public schools and the increasing role of the federal government in those schools." 

The survey's margin of error is 3-5 points.