Vice President Joe Biden followed up President Obama's weekly address Saturday with a release of his own about the U.S. combat mission ending in Iraq.

Obama, who declared Saturday that he had fulfilled his campaign pledge to end the war in Iraq, will travel Tuesday to Fort Bliss, Texas, to mark the formal end of the seven-year combat mission. The president is also scheduled Tuesday night to speak to the nation from the Oval Office.

Biden stressed that the administration was committed to care for the returning veterans.

"Including veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are nearly one million more veterans in our country than there were a decade ago," Biden said. "I can tell you that President Obama is 100 percent committed to supporting our troops and their families not only when they are fighting abroad, but also when they come back home."

Biden said Obama "has made one of the largest investments in veterans’ care and support in our nation’s history," including modernizing hospitals, increasing care for post-traumatic stress disorder, and focusing on education with the post-9/11 GI Bill.

In a postscript, Biden encouraged everyone to reach out to the troops.

"Right now, Americans across the country are sending their messages of thanks and support to our troops as part of our Saluting Service in Iraq effort on," Biden said. "Take a minute to check out President Obama’s message to our troops and leave your own message."