Republicans will document their election-year promises shortly after returning from the summer congressional recess, House GOP leader John Boehner (Ohio) said Monday.

Boehner said the long-awaited Republican manifesto, detailing the policies the GOP would pursue if they win back control of the House or Senate (if not both), would be released shortly after lawmakers return to Washington.

"We don't get back to Washington until Sept. 14, and I would think that not too long after that, you're likely to see it," he told conservative radio host Sean Hannity during an appearance on Hannity's show.

Republicans have been under pressure from some within their own party as well as some Democrats to lay out how they would govern if they were to win back a majority in one or both houses of Congress. In particular, observers have wondered whether or not such a platform would resemble the 1994 "Contract with America" spearheaded by Newt Gingrich, the GOP leader who would become Speaker after Republicans won control of the House after landslide victories that year.

Boehner said there "certainly will be" a document off of which Republican incumbents and candidates would work, but did not let loose any advance details about what the platform would contain.

The GOP leader did say, though, that with whatever Republicans pledge, they plan to follow through.

"I'm not Barack Obama and I'm not Nancy Pelosi; I say what I mean and I mean what I say," he asserted. "We're not going to put anything in a document that we're not going to do."