The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame named its atrium for Sen. George Voinovich at the institution's 15th anniversary celebrations Friday.

The Ohio Republican wasn't honored for his riffs, but for helping bring the Hall of Fame to Cleveland as mayor of that city in the 1980s and governor of Ohio in the 1990s.

Voinovich, who is retiring next year, was feted with a VIP reception Friday evening, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which was followed by a Rock Hall Ball.

The senator was sporting a jean jacket and a vintage T-shirt announcing the original selection of Cleveland as the Hall of Fame city.

After quoting Huey Lewis ("The heart of rock 'n' roll is still beating in Cleveland"), according to the paper, Voinovich told a reception crowd of about 200: "As long as my heart is still beating, I'm going to continue to support the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum."

Terry Stewart, president and chief executive of the hall, called Voinovich "a tenacious supporter of the museum," though the senator said it was a team effort to bring the Hall of Fame to Cleveland.