Republican opposition to the Obama administration's agenda has stunted an economic recovery in the U.S., Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner charged Wednesday evening.

Geithner blamed politics in Congress for slowing down the administration's legislative proposals to boost the economy, and, in turn, the economic recovery.

"It is making it harder to solve," Geithner said of the effect of politics on the recovery during an appearance on "Newshour" on PBS.

The Treasury secretary defended the administration's measures to respond to the recession and blamed Congress for slowing them down.

"It’s taken much longer than they expected because they’ve had no support and lots of opposition from Republicans in Congress," he said. "That’s not a political statement, that’s the reality. So if there had been more on those measures sooner, the economy would be stronger today."

Republicans have long protested the policies President Obama has pushed to respond to the economic crisis, most notably the $787 billion stimulus Congress authorized in February of 2009. All GOP lawmakers in the House opposed it, while three Republican senators backed the stimulus.

GOP leaders have complained since then that the stimulus has been a failure, especially by the Obama administration's own projections that unemployment would be below 8 percent at this point with the aid of the stimulus. The dismal economic situation led House Minority Leader John BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerZeal, this time from the center Juan Williams: The GOP's deal with the devil Hillicon Valley: Trump hits China with massive tech tariffs | Facebook meets with GOP leaders over bias allegations | Judge sends Manafort to jail ahead of trial | AT&T completes Time Warner purchase MORE (R-Ohio) to call on the president two weeks ago to fire Geithner and National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers.

"I am going to work in this position as long as the president wants me to," Geithner said during an appearance on CNBC. "My job is to help the president figure out what is smart and sensible and effective ways to make sure we reinforce the recovery, get more people back to work, encouraging private investment."