Bill Clinton will travel to California in mid-October to stump for Democratic governor and lieutenant governor nominees Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom.

The former president issued an endorsement for Brown on Tuesday.

"I am very pleased to have the endorsement of President Clinton, and I look forward to campaigning with him and with Gavin Newsom," Brown responded in a statement. "President Clinton accomplished a lot for California, and we have a ticket that will accomplish a lot for California's future."

That the two will campaign together marks a new chapter in their tumultuous political history. They ran against each other for the Democratic presidential nominee in 1992, and just this year, Clinton backed Newsom — who later withdrew from the race — over Brown for governor in the Democratic primary.

Tensions flared again last week after Brown publicly referenced the Monica Lewinsky scandal, saying that Clinton did not always tell the truth. He later apologized.

The events Oct. 15 and 17 will take place in both northern and southern California.