With Republicans set to unveil their fall agenda this week, House Democrats are planning a coordinated attack to counter the GOP proposals.

House leadership aides said Democrats would hit back throughout the week, using a theme of the  “Real Republican Agenda” to highlight what they see as the GOP’s most unpopular campaign positions.

The push is an extension of the Democratic message of the last several weeks, as they have tried to frame the coming election as a choice between the GOP and Democratic philosophies rather than a referendum on the Democratic agenda. Since returning from the August recess, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has sought to boil down the Democratic agenda to a single line: “We’re for preserving Social Security, tax cuts for the middle class, and ‘Making it in America,’ ” she has said repeatedly.

Focusing on a different policy each day of the week, Democrats will argue that GOP policies will explode the deficit, reward outsourcing, empower health insurers, privatize Social Security and roll back Wall Street and consumer protection reforms.

An aide said the messaging would be delivered through a variety of platforms, including increased use of Facebook and Twitter.

“Democrats will hammer Republicans this week on their efforts to take us back to the failed Bush policies of the past,” the leadership aide said. “Each day we will expose a different facet of the Real Republican Agenda, which is focused on fighting against the middle class and job creation.”

Republican leaders are planning to announce their agenda at an event Thursday in Virginia.