Connecticut GOP Senate nominee Linda McMahon is continuing to use misstatements her Democratic opponent made about his Vietnam War service against him.

McMahon (R) and Democratic nominee Richard Blumenthal exchanged pointed words at a debate Thursday over his previous claims that he served "in" Vietnam during the conflict. 

Blumenthal served in the Marine Reserves during the war, but carried out his duties domestically and never set foot in Vietnam during the conflict.

New York Times
reported that throughout the debate, Blumenthal, the longtime state attorney general, targeted McMahon's career as CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, accusing her of operating a business that promoted sex and violence and turning a blind eye to steroid use by wrestlers. 

McMahon shot back, according to the Times, accusing him of making a false statement about a criminal audit of WWE's employment practices.

“Maybe you just misspoke again, like the time when you talked about how you had served in Vietnam,” she said, referring to his claim that he "misspoke" about his Vietnam War record.

The Times repored that Blumenthal "gave her an icy stare before turning back to the audience at the packed banquet ball, and told them that he had inadvertently 'mischaracterized' his military service on only a few instances."

“I regret it,” he said. “It was unintentional.”

McMahon's campaign decided to renew its attacks against Blumenthal's statements on his war record this week, releasing a blistering television ad that will air statewide.

Her debate remarks signal that she will likely use the attack in the remaining weeks of the campaign.

Polls show Blumenthal and McMahon locked in a close race, with the Democrat leading the Republican by single digits.

If the GOP wins the race to replace retiring Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd, it would greatly improve the party’s chances of winning a Senate majority.