House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) expressed confidence that Democrats' efforts to demonize him won't work against the GOP come Election Day.

Boehner said the scrutiny President Obama, Democratic committees and congressional Democrats have sought to heap on him wouldn't stop voters from casting their ballots for Republicans on Nov. 2.

"They can’t talk about their record. You know, this election is going to be a referendum on their job-killing policies. They know it. They’re trying to do anything in the world to change the subject, but good luck," Boehner said Monday on "The Mike Gallagher Show." "They’ve tried all kinds of things including demonizing me of all people. And I just don’t think any of it’s going to work."

Democrats, led by the president, have sought to cast Boehner, the likely would-be Speaker of the House if Republicans win back a majority of seats in that chamber, in a negative manner. Boehner's name has been a frequent refrain in Obama and other Democrats' stump speeches, and his name and image have been featured in multiple TV and radio advertisements.

The Ohio Republican said voters "can expect that the desperate tactics over the next eight days will continue," which seems likely as Democrats pull out all the stops to working to maintain their majorities in the House and the Senate.

If Republicans want to recapture the House and, possibly, the Senate, Boehner admonished his party to not rely on enthusiasm alone.

"Elections aren’t won and lost based on what the polls say, they’re won or lost based on who shows up to vote," he said. "And while there's an awful lot of enthusiasm on our side during this election cycle, it's still going to take everybody making the phone calls, pounding the doors, calling their friends, calling their neighbors, calling their relatives and getting everyone out to vote."