First lady Michelle Obama delivered a message to Democrats on Tuesday encouraging them to vote as soon as possible.

"You don't have to wait, you can vote early," Obama said in a new video recorded shortly after she cast her ballot on Oct. 14 during a stop in her native Chicago.

The video is party of an effort by Democrats to leverage online engagement tools to push early voting during the final week of the campaign. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) will have an "Early Day of Action" on Tuesday that will encourage supporters who voted early to adopt a new Twitter avatar and will promote a new website dedicated to promoting early voting.

Democrats believe that encouraging early voting works in favor of their candidates come Election Day. Party officials from President Obama on down have concentrated their efforts on driving turnout, reasoning that large voter rolls will benefit Democratic candidates, and, ultimately, help the party keep its House and Senate majorities.

"Get out there, get it done early. Don't wait until Election Day. Make it happen," the first lady says in the video. "We can do this, and we need your help. So vote early — go to"