House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is again betting on her hometown baseball team, this time with Republican Rep. Joe Barton (Texas).

Pelosi is betting a batch of Ghirardelli chocolates that the San Francisco Giants win the World Series, which begins Wednesday night. Barton wagered some deep-dish pecan pie from historic Collin Street Bakery, located in the small town of Corsicana, Texas, near Dallas.

"While Texas is famous for its two-step, I am about to show Congressman Barton my own: first, the Giants will be victorious; second, I will enjoy his pecan pie," Pelosi said in a statement.

"I thought the Rangers winning the World Series for the first time would be sweet enough, but when Speaker Pelosi put some Ghirardelli’s chocolate on the line — I knew victory would be even sweeter!" Barton said. 

Barton's Rangers had not won a playoff series before this year when they defeated the Tampa Bay Rays in the divisional series. The squad then beat the 27-time world champion New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series.

The Giants are also fighting against history: They haven't won a world title since 1954, when the team still played in New York City.

Pelosi is already expecting some Hershey's chocolates from Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.), which he owes from his bet with Pelosi that the Philadelphia Phillies would win the National League Championship Series over the Giants.