Christie makes light of question about Palin presidency

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) ducked a question on Tuesday night about Sarah Palin's capacity to be president, telling talk-show host Jimmy Fallon "Who knows? ... It's an amazing world."

Christie appeared on Fallon's "Late Night Show," where he discussed the aborted Hudson River train tunnel and the MTV show "Jersey Shore."

Asked about 2012, he denied that he was interested in a presidential or vice-presidential run.

"Can you see me as anybody's vice president?" he asked Fallon, prompting the reply, "You and Sarah Palin!"

Christie rolled his eyes.

"You and Sarah Palin! This is it!" Fallon repeated.

Then, asked if Sarah Palin could be president, Christie joked, "Be vice-president?"

"Well, who knows, Jimmy? It's an amazing world," he said later. "I don't know, but it's an amazing world."

[h/t GOP 12]

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