The tax deal announced Monday by President Obama wasn't intended to be a second stimulus, the White House argued Tuesday.

Press secretary Robert Gibbs said that the deal struck between Obama and Republicans to extend expiring tax cuts for two years wasn't "brokered intentionally" as another stimulus bill.

"The package was not brokered intentionally to do that," Gibbs said in a White House video posting. "The president was animated to ensure that the agreement helped our economy grow and create jobs."

The president himself is expected to press his case for the deal during a news conference this afternoon. Many Democrats have expressed reservations about the deal, as have some Republicans.

Gibbs rejected the notion that the White House had "caved" to Republicans on the deal, which also includes an extension of unemployment insurance and other benefits.

"We had votes in the House and Senate and it was clear from those votes that what the president wanted ... was not going to carry the day," he said.