Despite Democratic fury with President Obama, senior adviser David Axelrod said Sunday that he does not think Obama will face a serious primary challenge from the left.

"I really don't," Axelrod said.

Democrats have been up in arms through Obama's administration, repeatedly accusing the president of not fighting for Democratic principles and ceding too much ground to Republicans.

That anger reached a fever pitch last week after the president agreed to a deal with Republicans that would, among other things, extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy for two more years.

Axelrod said he is seeing "strong support" for Obama among Democrats, and their biggest concern is the president not getting credit for what he has accomplished.

On "Fox News Sunday," Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) agreed that there won't be a challenge to Obama in 2012.

"Everyone is on the same page," he said. "Everyone supports the same agenda."

But on the tax-cut extensions, Van Hollen said, "on this issue the administration did get out-negotiated."