Vice President Joe Biden said the New START Treaty has enough votes to clear the Senate.

“I believe we do,” he said in an interview broadcast Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Asked if the delays stemmed from legitimate concerns or “political gamesmanship” by Republicans, Biden replied: “both.” He sought to allay GOP fears about the treaty’s effect on U.S. missile defense programs. 

“With some, with [Sen.] John McCain [of Arizona], there are substantive criticisms. He is worried about whether or not we are going to make good on our commitment to deploy all four phases of the missile defense system in Europe — we are,” Biden said.

He sought to bolster the case for the treaty by reiterating that many top Republicans have backed it. “Every former Republican secretary of defense, secretary of state, national security adviser and head of strategic command says this is essential for U.S security,” Biden said.