New York Rep. Pete King is questioning authorities to find out the cause of massive delays at New York's Kennedy airport that led to one international flight sitting on a tarmac for nearly 12 hours. 

King (R), the incoming chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, said Wednesday that he contacted Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and customs officials about the delays and received assurances that customs workers were prepared to process the stranded passengers. 

The congressman said he was told that New York's Port Authority and the airlines could be to blame for six international flights being stuck on the tarmac since no gates were available to disembark.

King said during an interview on New York City's WCBS Radio that agencies and airlines were "not clued into each other."

"This has to be resolved," he said.

Air traffic in the Northeast has been clogged ever since the region was blanketed with around two feet of snow earlier this week.

One Cathay Pacific flight was delayed at Kennedy for almost 12 hours, Bloomberg reported, and four other Cathay-operated flights were stuck for nearly four hours. One British Airlines flight was on the tarmac for almost eight hours. 

The U.S. Department of Transportation is also investigating the delays, according to Bloomberg. New federal regulations allow domestic carriers to be fined for being held on the tarmac for more than three hours, but the rule does not apply to international carriers.

King said that delays like this could have national security implications in the future.

"If there was a terrorist plot, we cannot have this lack of coordination," he said.