A Republican congressman compared the challenge his party faces in repealing the healthcare law to battling in Fallujah.

Rep. Phil GingreyPhil GingreyBeating the drum on healthcare Former GOP chairman joins K Street Former Rep. Gingrey lands on K Street MORE (R-Ga.) said on Fox News on Friday that he expected states to follow in Maine's shoes by seeking an exemption from regulations that tell insurers how they have to use premium dollars, something he called "too heavy a burden."

But the congressman stressed that congressional Republicans have "got a chance to repeal" the healthcare law and should work toward that goal.

"That's what we promised the American people who are still in the 60 percent range in strong opposition to it. They gave us a net of 63 Republicans in the House of Representatives -- and believe me, the people out there, they're going to hold our feet to the fire," he said.

"And, they may say, you know, look, don't just say you're not going to do it because it's too heavy a lift," Gingrey said. "For goodness' sakes, back in 2006, when we were about to lose the battle in Iraq, thank goodness our patriots fought in the Anbar province and Fallujah and turned that thing around."