Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) announced his plans to cut the deficit by requiring federal civilian employees take two-week furloughs.

In a press statement, Coffman said that furloughs are already common among state and local government employees, and that federal employees should take them as well.

“Furloughs are becoming commonplace for state and local governments, and it’s only reasonable for the federal government to follow suit,” Coffman said. "I want to make the U.S. government as cost conscious as the states,” Coffman said. “At least 24 states have enacted similar budget-cutting measures, while the federal government continues to grow and rack up debt.”

Under Coffman's bill, federal employees would be required to take one non-consecutive two-week furlough sometime in 2012. According to Coffman's statement, the bill would reduce budgets for congressional offices and cut salaries for members of Congress by 10 percent. The bill includes an exception for situations where national security, public health or safety is a factor.