Senate GOP leader declares Obama agenda 'over'

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) declared an end to the Obama agenda in a speech to Republicans in his home state of Kentucky Saturday night. 

McConnell said GOP gains in November's midterm elections were enough to prevent Democrats from moving forward with the president's legislative priorities, noting the new Republican majority in the House and gains in the Senate. 

"We have 47 in the Senate, and for some of you who are disappointed in that, it takes 60 votes to control the Senate," said McConnell. "The legislative agenda of Barack Obama is over." 

Despite McConnell's declaration, though, the Republican said members of his party remain ready to work with the president, noting Obama's rhetorical nod toward centrism since his party's defeat in November. 

McConnell said Obama has been doing "Clintonian back flips" since Republicans made big midterm gains. 

He said, "to the extent that the president wants to do what we think is right for America, we won't say 'no' simply because there's an election coming along."

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