John Boehner has been a good Speaker of the House so far, former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Howard Dean said Monday.

Dean, a 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, said that while he didn't agree with Speaker Boehner on much, he thought the Ohio Republican was a reasonable person with whom Democrats could do business.

"I think John Boehner's a reasonable person. I certainly don't agree with his political philosophy, but I think he's a good Speaker, and I think he understands how you get things done in Washington," Dean said on CNBC.

Boehner's led House Republicans in insisting on substantial cuts to the rest of this year's budget, a stance putting him at odds with Democrats in the Senate and President Obama.

Republicans passed a bill to fund the government the rest of the year, but cut $61 billion in existing spending. The White House has threatened a veto of that proposal, and now Boehner's Republicans are in negotiations with the administration and Senate leaders over a possible solution before the government runs out of money on March 18.

"All I want to see is a cut process that's reasonable and thoughtful. And I think we can get there," Dean said.

"No one's going to get everything they want here, but the ideological stuff is the stuff that needs to be put aside," Dean added, referring, for instance, to House Republicans' proposed cuts to support for Planned Parenthood. "Then I think we can get some serious cuts in the budget."