Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) said he will bring his own brand of "Minnesota Nice" to the campaign trail, should he run for president.

Pawlenty, who's leaning toward running for president, pledged to run a campaign without the "wailing on each other" that has sometime characterized contentious primary battles for the presidential nomination.

"The folks who are running, or may run, if I run, are going to be my friends," Pawlenty told "The Brody File" of the Christian Broadcasting Network. "We’re all going to have to be a team in the end."

The race for the GOP nomination isn't yet formally under way, but there's already been some of the sniping that usually characterizes presidential campaigns.

Several candidates have heaped on the healthcare reforms Mitt Romney (R) installed as governor of Massachusetts. (Pawlenty passed on an opportunity to take a shot at Romney earlier this week.) Other Republicans have chided the idea of a "truce" on social issues that had been floated by Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R), another potential candidate.

Pawlenty said he's taking a different path.

"There’s going to be some differences between us, but the people and the press can sort that out," he explained. "There’s no need to be wailing on each other.”

That could be a tough standard for someone like Pawlenty, who's still working on building his image within the GOP and nationally, and he could face competitors for the Republican nomination who are considerably more strident than he is.

Pawlenty has sought to ratchet up his rhetoric against Obama, and one of the biggest questions surrounding his candidacy revolves around whether he's too dull or if he will be able to get traction with his message.

"I’m going to be mixing it up with President Obama," Pawlenty said, adding the he's heeding President Reagan's "11th Commandment," which says that Republicans shouldn't speak ill of each other.