Democrats are going after a potential Republican presidential candidate on his home turf, launching ads Monday against Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) launched a new television ad targeting Daniels and Republicans in the State Legislature, accusing them of wanting to "kill collective bargaining, slash wages for workers and decimate public schools."

The ad, which will run in Indianapolis media and was first flagged by TPMDC, is a pointed offensive by a Democratic campaign arm against a figure like Daniels, who's currently mulling a run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

Daniels is locked in a protracted battle with his State Legislature's Democrats, much as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) had been in February and early March. Like in Wisconsin, the Legislature's Democrats have fled the state to prevent a vote on a right-to-work bill that labor groups contend would threaten their collective bargaining rights.

For Daniels, the fight could have ramifications for his potential presidential candidacy. He's said that he wouldn't decide whether to enter the race until the legislative session ends, which is scheduled for late April.

But Daniels acknowledged earlier this month that the standoff could affect his timeline, especially if more time ends up being needed for state business.

"We're all about the business of Indiana and trying to move an agenda forward right now," Daniels told The Associated Press. "That could well get in the way of any national participation. If it does, it does."