Former White House Chief of Staff and Chicago mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel said he will do "whatever" is necessary to help his former boss win reelection.

"One, I am obviously pleased that campaign headquarters are in Chicago where they ran the last campaign," Emanuel said Monday, after Obama formally launched his reelection bid.

He added that he would  "do whatever, number two, to help the president get reelected" in 2012.

"I'm pleased that Chicago will be the headquarters, but my first primary goal will be what the voters asked me to do which is to solve the problems here immediately at home," Emanuel added.

President Obama’s reelection headquarters will be close to where his 2008 campaign headquarters were based. It is the first time a sitting president has run his reelection base outside of Washington in decades.

Obama's campaign has reportedly already begun asking top donors from the 2008 campaign to donate to his reelection campaign. Political observers expect Obama to raise about a billion dollars, more than the $750 million he raised in 2008.

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