Hannity: 'Let Dems shut the government down'

Conservative commentator Sean Hannity said Tuesday that Republicans should not yield any ground to Democrats on the budget, and if that means a goverment shutdown, then let it happen.

During a panel discussion on his Fox News show, Hannity said Republicans "have to be willing to let the Democrats shut it down because, otherwise, they are going to be held hostage as we debate real cuts."

His remarks are the latest example of how the GOP is under pressure from its base not to compromise on its $61 billion in cuts for fiscal 2011.

While former White House press secretary Dana Perino and Fox Business Network's Stuart Varney suggested Republicans should focus on Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) new budget for fiscal 2012, Hannity disagreed.

"If the Republicans don't hold the line on [$61 billion] ... how are they going to stand firm on $6.2 trillion?" he said.

Ryan's budget blueprint calls for $6.2 trillion in cuts as compared to President Obama's spending plan. Some observers have suggested that Republicans concentrate on the 2012 spending fight and get a 2011 plan passed, thereby avoiding blame for a shutdown.

Hannity disputes the notion that people would blame the GOP for a shutdown: "[Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio)] should hold out for every penny [of the $61 billion] ... This isn't 1995," he argued.

The current resolution funding the government expires on Friday.

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