House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said he "fully support[s]" the proposals in Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) 2012 budget, including its reforms to Medicare.

The GOP Speaker sought to quickly squelch any doubt that there was daylight between him and Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee whose 2012 budget is set for a vote in the House later this week.

"I fully support Paul Ryan's budget, including his efforts on Medicare," Boehner said in a press event on Capitol Hill.

Ryan's plan would significantly overhaul both Medicare and Medicaid — block grants would be doled out by the federal government to states, which in turn would have the opportunity to tailor their own plans.

"I think Paul Ryan has set the bar in terms of the kind of targets that we need to meet and the kind of serious effort that is required given the debts that we have," Boehner said more broadly of his budget chief's plan.

President Obama is set to lay out his own set of reforms on Medicare and Medicaid in a major speech on fiscal policy this afternoon. He's expected to outline a series of reforms that the administration claims would save hundreds of billions of dollars.