Barletta's town hall hasn't been the only such event to get raucous during this congressional recess, the first since the passage by the GOP-controlled House of Ryan's 2012 budget.

Ryan was booed at a town hall in his district while defending another key facet of his plan — extending the Bush-era tax rates for the wealthy.

Democrats have targeted Republicans over their support for Ryan's budget plan and are drawing attention to town-hall incidents in the way Republicans did during the healthcare debate in the summer of 2009.

At Barletta's town hall, a pair of men in the room started yelling at the woman to sit down. Another man defended the woman and, in turn, accused the men of acting like "little boys."

"You know what, why don't you tell me to sit down? She's an American citizen ... why don't you show some manners and let her talk? Why don't you grow up and stop acting like little boys?" he asked, according to an audio clip provided by Morning Call.

"Sit down," another man said.

"Make me, make me," the third man replied.

Barletta also received heat for voting in favor of the 2011 budget deal brokered by the House GOP, Senate Democrats and the White House.

One of the men who yelled at the woman to sit down reportedly said, "You disappoint me."

One individual was escorted out by police, according to the reporter's Twitter account.