Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-N.Y.) announced Friday that he has a treatable form of colon cancer.

The 10-term lawmaker is receiving radiation treatment at Ulster Radiation Oncology Center in Kingston, N.Y., according a statement from his office.

He is scheduled for surgery in June and will then undergo chemotherapy.

Dr. Randall Rissman, who is overseeing Hinchey's treatment, said the cancer was "curable" and expressed optimism that Hinchey would make a full recovery.

“This is a curable form of colon cancer.  I expect Mr. Hinchey to respond extremely well to the course of treatment we’ve developed for him and that he’ll make a full recovery," Rissman said. “Mr. Hinchey will be able to maintain a full congressional schedule while he undergoes treatment.  I also fully expect his surgery to be straightforward and have complete confidence that Mr. Hinchey will make a full recovery and be cancer-free.”

Hinchey plans to commute from New York and continue to vote on legislation throughout the treatment process.