An Iowa Republican lawmaker used the death of Osama bin Laden to take a jab on Monday at President Obama's national security policies.

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) took to Twitter to ask, sarcastically, about the president's position on waterboarding, the controversial interrogation tactic sometimes used by the U.S. government against suspected terrorists, in order to extract intelligence.

King tweeted:

Wonder what President Obama thinks of water boarding now?

Senior administration officials said that they first started receiving actionable intelligence in August, which led to an assault on a compound in Pakistan where bin Laden had been hiding. U.S. officials were coy on their sources of information, but there's no immediate indication that any of it came as a product of waterboarding or any other enhanced interrogation tactic.

Most — though not all — Republicans and Democrats have focused on toasting bin Laden's assassination and offering general praise for U.S. political and military leadership. Few have tracked into political terrain.

King, like virtually every other member of Congress, did express his jubilation, too:

ObL "Sealed" into eternal damnation. Intel from KSM in Gitmo:-) "It feels like the entire country won the World Series," Bill Hemmer-FOX.