Staffers at Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle's (R-N.Y.) Syracuse office were evacuated Monday afternoon for about two hours after receiving suspicious mail.

"We can confirm that a suspicious communication was received at my Syracuse District Office," Buerkle said in a statement released Monday. "Staff reacted appropriately by contacting local emergency responders who evaluated the situation."

According to a spokesman for Buerkle, the FBI tested the mail and concluded that it was not dangerous.

"The office has now been reopened and staff has returned to work," Buerkle continued. "I am very troubled by this incident, which threatened not only members of my congressional staff, but also postal workers, building workers and tenants.

"My staff and I are grateful for the professionalism and responsiveness of the various local and federal law enforcement and emergency response authorities," Buerkle said.

According to, nine staff members in the office were evacuated because of the mail.