Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R) criticized President Obama on Friday for the "fool's errand" of using Israel’s pre-1967 border lines as a starting point for Middle East peace negotiations.

“Peace from weakness or peace from outside coercion of Israel is a fool’s errand. Unfortunately, the President today proved himself willing to play that fool," Paul said in a statement.

“For President Obama to stand up today and insist that Israel should once again give up land, security and sovereignty for the possibility of peace shows an arrogance that is unmatched even in our rich history of foreign policy," he continued.

Paul said the U.S. shouldn't try to "impose policies on the Middle East" and should stick instead to "promoting freedom, encouraging trade."

Paul's comments came shortly after Obama concluded a lengthy Oval Office meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In a statement after the meeting, Netanyahu flatly rejected a call by Obama, made Thursday, to use the borders from before the 1967 Arab-Israeli war as a place to begin talks. Netanyahu called that position "indefensible."