Boehner fundraising pitch: ‘I'm not playing’

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) sent a letter to supporters Wednesday fundraising off the president’s news conference earlier in the day.

With the subject line “I’m not playing,” the letter includes a sharp retort to the president’s accusations that legislators holding up the deficit process are playing “politics."

“I’m not looking to score political points,” Boehner said in the letter. “I’m fighting for the millions of American families and small businesses who know that tax hikes destroy jobs.”

The letter, sent on behalf of The Freedom Project, which is Boehner’s political action committee, sends a shot across the bow of House Democrats as well.

“[It’s] critical that I have the resources to fight off Washington Democrats’ plan for billions of dollars in tax hikes,” Boehner wrote, urging donations to help stop “the spending binge.”

The letter is a final push for donors to send in their contributions before the campaign milestone of the Federal Election Commission’s mid-year reporting deadline on Thursday.

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