In the bill released Wednesday and slated for subcommittee consideration Thursday, the House Sergeant at Arms would receive $8.1 million total, $890,000 below the FY11 enacted level.

Members’ representational allowances would total $574 million, $39 million less than the year prior.

All agencies except for the Capitol Police saw significant proposed funding cuts in the bill, which calls for a $3.3 billion budget request, $227 million less than FY11.

“Congress must lead by example when it comes to reducing government spending to put our nation’s budgets on a more sustainable path,” House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) said in a statement Wednesday.

“This cut reflects our willingness to cut spending starting in our own backyards, while maintaining essential operations and security efforts to ensure the safe and productive operations of the Capitol for the thousands of people that work in and visit the Capitol complex every day,” he added.

The legislation provides annual funding for House lawmaker offices and support agencies of Congress in addition to services for visitors and Capitol operations and maintenance.