Presidential candidate and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty took a pass on Sunday when asked about the nature of homosexuality.

On NBC's Meet the Press, Pawlenty was asked if being gay is a lifestyle choice or a matter of biology.

“Well, the science in that regard is in dispute,” he said. “There is no scientific conclusion that it's genetic. We don't know that. So we don't know to what extent it's behavioral. That's something that's been debated by scientists for a long time. But as I understand the science, there is no current conclusion that it's genetic.”

Many liberals believe being gay is biological and any discrimination against gays is identical to racial discrimination.

“I'd defer to the scientists in that regard,” Pawlenty said when pressed.

“I'm a supporter of traditional marriage between a man and a woman. I have not supported the issues of allowing gay couples to have the same benefits in public employment as traditional couples,” he added.