"This is an election about the future of our nation - one where voters will have to decide who is best equipped to lead our nation by looking at our records, as well as our vision for the nation," Bachmann responded in a statement. "Instead of negativity, I want to focus on my accomplishments."

Her statement didn't mention Pawlenty by name, and played up her dogged opposition to some of President Obama's agenda, including healthcare reform, cap-and-trade, and the 2008 Wall Street bailout.

Bachmann's response could reflect an emerging jousting match between Pawlenty and Bachmann. She is a leading contender to win the Iowa caucuses, and Pawlenty has staked a great deal of his campaign on winning that contest, though he's enjoyed little traction.

"People can count on me as a fighter; I am proud of my record of fighting with resolve, and without apology, for our free markets, for sane fiscal policies, and in opposition to the advancement of the big government left," Bachmann said. "As President, the American people can count on me to stand by my record of advancing pro-growth policies to put our nation back on the right track."