Govs. Nikki Haley (R-S.C.) and Rick Perry (R-Texas), both power players in the Republican presidential race, are teaming up to influence the debt debate in Washington.

"What Governor Perry and I are trying to do is say the only way we're going to get Washington in line is if we start to balance our budget," Haley said Monday.

An op-ed Friday in The Washington Post spelled out the governors' three goals for a debt-ceiling solution: spending cuts, enforceable spending caps and a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution.

"All the states are doing this. D.C. can as well, if they want to," Haley said Monday on "Fox and Friends."

Haley blamed both Republicans and Democrats for the nation's fiscal condition, but had especially strong words for President Obama.

"We need our president to lead right now and we need Republicans and Democrats to insist on a balanced budget and cutting spending," she said.

Speaking of Obama, Haley said that he is too "worried about reelection. That's really what hampers an elected official, is when they start worrying more about reelection than about getting results."

"The one thing that D.C. does respond to is reelection," she added. "I think the people need to let them know that we are watching."

The team-up between Perry, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, and Haley, a Tea Party favorite, could hold significant influence over the election. Haley and Perry have both been rumored candidates and power players in the 2012 presidential election.