Rep. Karen BassKaren BassEthiopia at tipping point as Congress mulls human rights bill Technology's role in human trafficking cannot be ignored Dem rips Trump's claim of historically unfair treatment MORE (D-Calif.) and Rep. John Flemming (R-La.) spoke to MSNBC about state of the debt debate.

Flemming said he preferred the "cut, cap and balance" bill, but acknowledged it would not pass the Senate. He said he supports BoehnerJohn BoehnerSudan sanctions spur intense lobbying OPINION | GOP's 7-year ObamaCare blood oath ends in failure A simple fix to encourage bipartisanship in the House MORE's plan, calling it an "excellent compromise."

"We tried to work with the president to have tax-rate reform, which would lower the rates and do away with these deductions, and the president sent Boehner away," said Flemming.

Bass criticized Boehner's plan for containing the principals of "cut, cap and balance" within the proposal. She called for a separation of the debt-ceiling-increase vote and the deficit debate.

"I empathize for Speaker Boehner, I really do because I feel like his caucus is not really letting him lead."

Flemming disagreed, saying as a member of the caucus, they were in support of the Speaker. He deflected the blame, saying it was Obama who ended the "big deal."

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