Conservative Republicans and Tea Party groups have criticized BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerA warning to Ryan’s successor: The Speakership is no cakewalk With Ryan out, let’s blow up the process for selecting the next Speaker Race for Republican Speaker rare chance to unify party for election MORE's original plan for not including enough spending cuts up front and not making passage of a balanced-budget amendment part of the deal. Conservative groups are encouraging Republicans to "hold the line" and demand more rather than vote for Boehner's plan.

West has said he has to vote his own conscience on this bill, and it doesn't matter if his Tea Party supporters disagree with him.

"If you're telling me I need to vote 'no' against the Boehner plan, then what am I voting for?" West said.

Republican leadership postponed a planned vote on Boehner's proposal Thursday night, likely because they didn't have enough votes for it to pass. On Friday, Boehner's plan was undergoing revisions and will include a balanced-budget amendment when it goes to a vote.

Trento said the Tea Party would be willing to re-evaluate the revised plan. "I have no doubt Tea Party efforts were instrumental in causing people to have second thoughts yesterday," he said.

The revised bill will likely pass the House on Friday, but it is considered dead on arrival in the Senate.

Listen to West below.