According to court documents, officials interrogated Jones early on a January morning at his Florida home while he was still in pajamas. He told them he had used his wife’s credit card to pay for advertising and expanding ventures for his law firm. By transferring the money from MVP to his wife’s account, he said, he was paying that money back, according to court documents.

But Jones also admitted to the officials that he had mishandled some of the money and used portions of it on himself.

“Did I use some of the ... money for personal use? Yes,” he told investigators, according to court documents. “But I have to pay myself something. Aren’t I entitled to take a draw? If I don’t survive, the law firm doesn’t survive. And the purpose of the loan was to help the law firm survive.”

The documents also say that Jones admitted that “he is a sloppy book keeper.”

Jones’ lawyers have moved to try and get his comments to officials thrown out, saying that he had not been read his Miranda rights.

Hastings suspended Jones in May when the initial indictment was served.

Jury selection is slated to begin on Sept. 16 in Philadelphia.