The first announced stop on President Obama's upcoming bus tour of the Midwest will be in Peosta, Iowa, the White House announced Friday.

"[T]he President and members of his Cabinet will host the White House Rural Economic Forum at Northeast Iowa Community College," a White House statement read. "The Forum will bring together small business owners, private sector leaders, rural organizations and government officials to discuss ideas and initiatives to promote economic growth, accelerate hiring, and spur innovation in rural communities and small towns across the nation."

Obama will embark on a three-day tour, from Aug. 15-17. The administration said Wednesday that the trip had long been planned, but did not outline an itinerary beyond saying the stops would be in the Midwest.

The president will be in Iowa only days after the Ames Straw Poll, widely considered the first big test for the field of Republican hopefuls looking to challenge Obama in 2012.

The White House is billing the bus trip as an administration event, and it will run the operation, not Obama’s reelection campaign.

“He looks forward to talking to the folks about growing the economy, creating jobs,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney at Wednesday’s press briefing.