Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said that although he wants Texas Gov. Rick Perry to become president, he does not want to join a Perry campaign as a vice presidential nominee.

"I don't want a job from Rick Perry, I want Rick Perry to create jobs here in Louisiana," Jindal said on Fox News.

Jindal also ruled out helping the Republican front-runner in his search for a vice presidential nominee.

"He doesn't need my help to look for a VP," Jindal said on CNN. "I want to help him get elected."

Jindal has put on the full-court press for Perry since announcing his endorsement of the Texas governor Monday. In the post-debate "spin room" Monday night, Jindal warned other candidates not to be too critical of Perry's stance on Social Security.

“I don’t think any Republican candidate should be engaged in the same kind of demagoguery, the same kind of negative political attacks we would expect to see from the Democratic Party,” Jindal said.