Conservative favorite Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) warned that President Obama's jobs plan won't pass "the way he's set it up."

"If we vote for this plan, we'll own the economy with the president, and he desperately needs someone else to blame it on," DeMint said Wednesday on Fox News. "If we vote against it, he's going to try to say Congress blocked his ability to create jobs."

DeMint said that Obama is trying to buy votes with aspects of his plan, such as the increase in employee payroll tax cuts.

"He knows it's not going to pass the way he's set it up. He's hoping he can buy votes with his payroll tax deductions," DeMint said.

Almost a week earlier Obama unveiled his American Jobs Act. The job-creation legislation extends employee payroll tax cuts, creates a national infrastructure bank, includes infrastructure investment, and also extends unemployment benefit insurance for a year.

The White House has stressed that the president intends to pass every piece of his proposal and, although he would prefer to pass the entire package as one piece of legislation, would work to pass individual parts of it if need be.