A House Democrat this week accused a Republican-led committee of prioritizing snake transportation regulations above job creation.

According to Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held 22 hearings on federal regulations this Congress “but not a single hearing on job creation.” Connolly said Wednesday’s hearing on a snake transportation ban was a prime example.

Holding a hearing about “snakes on a plane” when Congress should be focused on job creation bordered on a “theater of the absurd,” according to a press release from Connolly’s office.

“If regulations and economic growth were inversely related, then sub-Saharan Africa would have the most productive economy on earth,” Connolly said in a statement.

Republicans have argued that federal regulations negatively impact job growth, especially when imposed on businesses. The argument against snake transportation regulations was part of a full committee hearing titled, “How a broken process leads to flawed regulations.”

Connolly objected to the argument to overturn a regulation banning transportation of dangerous snakes across state lines. Connolly said introducing giant Burmese pythons to additional environments would “wreak havoc on our national parks and on many of our native wildlife, plants and crops … and that will have a negative impact on jobs and our environment.”