Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.) said Sunday that she believed the president's jobs plan should be expanded in scope and that unemployment in the United States had reached "emergency" status.

"The president's job plan is good — we'd just make it bigger if we had our way," Woolsey said in an interview with Fox News. "This is a crisis, we need to deal with it right now as an emergency."

Woolsey said that while she and other liberal members of Congress supported the president's jobs plan, she hoped for a "braver" take on the country's troubling unemployment figures.

"We would have had early on a much bigger, bolder, and I'd say braver jobs bill," Woolsey said. "We don't want anything else."

The Congressional Progressive Caucus — of which Woolsey is a member — unveiled a jobs plan last week that mirrored aspects of the president's recently announced package for job creation and budget cuts. But the CPC bill imposed higher taxes on the wealthy and the closing of additional corporate loopholes.

Woolsey acknowledged, however, that the plan had little chance of being taken up by the GOP-controlled House.

"All the politics around this will get in the way," she said.