U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said Thursday that the Palestinian bid for statehood was "counterproductive" to the peace process and would carry consequences.

"It is counterproductive because it will only impede and delay the resumption of negotiations, which is the only way for the Palestinians to achieve what they want and what we want for them — which is an independent state," Rice said Thursday on MSNBC.

Rice warned Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas again that the United States would veto statehood, and said doing so could result in tangible repercussions.

"They will then as a consequence have to deal with what comes next," Rice said.

Palestinian diplomats insisted they intend to move forward with their bid for statehood this week at the United Nations meeting in New York. They cautioned the United States against opposing the bid, although Rice repeated that Americans would veto any bid by the Palestinian Authority.

Rice also seemed confident that other states would join the United States in opposing the resolution. Germany has already indicated that it will not support the Palestinians.

"I think it's fair to say the United States is not alone in viewing this approach as premature and counterproductive," Rice said.

She also encouraged the Palestinians to rejoin negotiations with the Israelis.

"As much as this has dragged on, as much as the Palestinian people feel frustrated that their aspirations have not been realized, the practical hard reality is that there is no way at all to accomplish the creation of the state without direct negotiations between the parties," Rice said.