Trump said that Romney requested the face-to-face, and that the two will meet in the afternoon at Trump Tower in Manhattan, but not dine together. 

"I think he's done very well in the debates. I'm excited to see him," Trump said.

Earlier this year, Trump weighed a presidential bid of his own, but ultimately declined so that he could film another season of his reality series, "The Apprentice." Since then, the businessman has tried to position himself as a central figure in the Republican primary process.

Trump's top political adviser, Michael Cohen, called Trump the "godfather of politics" and said that his diehard fans would throw their support behind whatever candidate — Republican or independent — Trump chose. 

“If he does get behind whoever the candidate may be, what’s going to happen is that individual will basically lock up the Republican nomination,” Cohen said.

Trump said that he will not endorse a candidate until he has a chance to meet with all the Republicans vying for the nomination. Still, both he and Cohen left the door open for Trump to endorse an independent candidate — or jump into the field late. 

"I wasn't very happy with what was going on in the Republican Party," Trump said.