Herman Cain said that black voters who were not open to his platform aren't "savable," doubling down on his criticism that some African-Americans are "brainwashed." 

Cain made the new comments during an appearance Tuesday on "The View" after being asked whether he stood by comments he made last week on CNN that many black voters have been "brainwashed into not being open-minded, not even considering a conservative point of view." 

Cain told the hosts of "The View" that he "absolutely" stood by the comments.

Cain said that he was encouraged that "a lot of black Americans are thinking for themselves," and repeated his claim that in a general-election match-up against President Obama, he believes he would take at least a third of the black vote.

"But the others, they're not savable, they don't event want to hear about my 9-9-9 plan," Cain said.

The central tenant of Cain's campaign is replacing the current tax code with 9 percent flat-rate income, sales and corporate taxes. 

During the interview, Cain also praised Chris Christie after reports said that the New Jersey governor has decided not to run for president.

"I'm pleased with that for his sake, because the advice that I had given by way of interviews — if his heart's not in it, he should not do it, so I have to conclude that he's made this decision for the right reasons, because if he had decided to do it because of the media hype, it would have been the wrong reasons. I know for a fact," Cain said.

The women of "The View" also peppered Cain with questions about his stance on social and women's issues. Asked if he believed whether homosexuality was a choice, Cain affirmed that he did, but said that he could be open to persuasion on the issue.

"You show me the science that it's not [a choice] and I could be persuaded," Cain said. "But right now it's just my belief and your belief."