"We will report at the end of the quarter several hundred thousand dollars in cash on hand," Cain said. "Within the last week or so, our fundraising has really picked up a lot, because of the response of the public."

Cain also told NPR Thursday that the campaign "brought on an entire team" of around 10 new people to ramp up efforts in early primary states.

But Cain still likely trails his other GOP competitors in terms of fundraising, and declined to provide specific fundraising totals. Perry's campaign has $15 million in cash-on-hand, after pulling in more than $17 million in the third quarter. Romney is expected to announce fundraising totals of around $12 million - results are due Saturday - while Ron Paul has already said his campaign raised $8 million. Cain raised $2.4 million in the second quarter.

Still, former Cain spokeswoman Ellen Carmichael said that the campaign had been raising "several hundred thousand dollars a day" toward the end of the third quarter, when Cain began his surge in the polls. The campaign said at that time that they had raised more in three days that the entire rest of the campaign, and that supporters nearly crashed Cain's donation webpage.